Does what we put on our skin really matter?

The short answer is YES!

Our skin is our bodies biggest organ, and one of its primary functions is the process of elimination.

Our skins outer layer – The Epidermis contains 3 different types of cells, one of which is the Langerhan, I love this cell, just look at it for starters it is beautiful!

These star shaped cells use their tentacles to reach out and grab foreign bodies that come into contact with our skin.  These cells can move through the different layers of the skin right down into the Dermis (one of the deeper layers of the skin).  From the Dermis the foreign bodies travel into the Lymphatic System  where they can actually be eliminated from our bodies.

Now our lympthatic system unlike our blood system does not have a pump to send it around our bodies, so WE have to act as the pump by exercising and having massages (just in case you need a good excuse for a massage!).  Without us getting this system moving toxins will build up in our bodies and have nowhere to go.  If you have been moving and massaging this lymph will get pumped into our blood stream and sent off for eliminating.

So now you can see that anything that you put onto your skin that gets absorbed will ultimately enter your blood stream and for good or for bad have an affect elsewhere in the body.