Love Your Liver Month…

Did you know January is Love Your Liver month? Well according to my new Marketing Planner it is, I had not heard of it before, but of course it makes a lot of sense for January seen as we all think about Detoxing then, but what does your Liver do anyway? 

Well, your Liver performs over 500 Vital functions, (far too many to list here) and it is a good idea to keep it as happy as we can. 

Lets talk Alcohol to start with, many of us know how bad alcohol can be for our bodies, but did you know the Liver is such an amazing organ it is able to regenerate.  It is in fact the only organ able to do this. So by allowing our bodies a rest from alcohol at least 3 nights a week can make a huge difference to our health. 

I have actually been doing a “No Alcohol” challenge for 6 months, I am now over half way and would now consider myself a Non-Drinker.  My husband on the other hand does love a Wine or two and is working hard on resting his Liver for a few days a week.

I have just discovered this App (unfortunately only available on iPhone) which helps encourage us to take 3 days off alcohol a week and so will be installing this onto his phone, so why not give it a try. 

Your Liver processes most of the nutrients and fats in the food we eat, it filters all our blood before sending it off around the rest of our body,  and by not following a healthy diet we run the risk of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, which can cause long lasting damage, by simply eating a well balanced diet and drinking water we can help to avoid this.  As you know I love Julie Clark Nutrition and can highly recommend her programmes to help you in this regard. 

Following a healthy lifestyle should also include 30 mins exercise a day so don’t forget to squeeze this into your day too to help Love Your Liver. 

So although it is apparently Love Your Liver month (yes I realise we are nearly at the end!), I think we should love it all year round, because these simple steps to help prevent it, also help our bodies in many other ways too.