New Stockists

Although Easter may seem a long time ago for many of you, for me I finally took a well earned rest over this Easter Holiday with a few exciting work things going into the mix too.

Firstly Canterbury saw the opening of its first Unboxed Kent shop, this has been super exciting for me as I now have a stockist in Canterbury.  I went down to the opening and let people sample the deodorant on the back of their hands with many of them buying it after in and amongst their vegetables, pasta and rice.  If you haven’t been down there and are looking into reducing your plastic packaging please do take a trip down there and support #local.

We have a growing tread of these Unboxed shops and I have to say it felt great making a delivery without any packaging, so if you know anywhere local to you that should be stocking my products please do get in touch.

Yesterday was another very exciting day with another delivery to my stockist Live Better With they have a wonderful Boutique within Guys Hospital London and it was very exciting for me to again make a hand delivery to them and finally see the shop with my products in.  They are a fantastic company supporting Cancer patients in many different ways so please do check them out if you or someone you know is dealing with Cancer, they have great gift ideas and useful items to help with daily life for Cancer patients.

So although a restful couple of weeks it has also been a very exciting time …… and for those of you awaiting trials of my new Facial Oil – they are almost ready!