So What Exactly are Aromatherapy Roller Balls?

You may have seen these lovely roller balls in various places on the Internet or if you can remember going into the shops you may have spotted them in your local health food shop but not actually realised what they are for.

Here at Lotus Therapies Whitstable we created a set of three different types of rollers the first one is called relaxation and is perfect to aid getting off to sleep at night.  

If like many others at this point in time you are struggling with your sleep these rollers are perfect to keep on your bedside cabinet you can pop a few drops onto the various post points.  

So what are pulse points exactly? Well as the name suggests they are actually points on the body where you can feel a pulse and these pulse points will create a small amount of heat which helps to intensify any fragrance applied to it.  Essential oils often diffuse much more intensely with heat so it makes sense to apply these aromatherapy rollerballs to these points.  

I particularly like applying to the points at the back of the wrist as this helps to give off scent as we move our hands up towards our head.  ( which perhaps happens more often than you think!)

So where exactly are these pulse points and how do I find them? Well, the first main one for the purposes of our rollers is the back of the wrist, the next one is on the temples on the sides of the face (be mindful not to get the oils close to your eyes though!) you can pop some on the pulse point behind the ears and also on your neck like you would a perfume. Speaking of which many people use these Rollerballs as a Natural Perfume.  There are of course other pulse points through the body but these are the ones I would suggest for our aromatherapy roller balls. 

A word of warning though, please DO check that you are buying from a reputable source, I have seen many of these type of products on sale not compliant with the EU regulations. The only people selling these should either be YOUR aromatherapist who will have mixed one up to your specific needs or a Skincare Formulator like myself who has had there products go through a Cosmetic Product Safety test. Do NOT hesitate to ask particularly if you are buying off the internet.

Check out the full range of Aromatherapy Roller Balls HERE

Aromatherapy Rollerballs
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