What is Natural Skincare?

What is natural skincare what does it mean to you and and how does it affect or influence the brands that you purchase? It is actually a really important thing to find out.

I decided I wanted to create a podcast all about this subject during lockdown, and with that came a whole new Website and community.  So if you are interested in learning more about Natural Skincare do take a listen HERE.  Its my first ever podcast so do please be kind with any comments!

I have been told I have a very soothing voice and should do hypnosis – I will take that compliment thank you very much.

So The Natural Skincare Club was born, first a podcast then a website (still very much in the making) and a Facebook Group which you are welcome to join.  The Club is not simply about my brand, its about anything to do with Natural Skincare.

As a child I grew up making my own lotions and potions for as long as I can remember.  I made the most exquisite perfume  by picking roses from my Nan’s garden and mixing them with water!  (anyone else remember that?) However I soon moved onto banana face masks and honey and sugar scrubs.  Now I know I am not alone in this passion so my Natural Skincare club will be a place to share some of my amazing recipes you can create from your very own kitchen cupboard (although maybe not my Rose perfume one!)

In the first episode I discuss What is Natural Skincare, and in the coming weeks/months I have some amazing guests lined up to share their knowledge in the world of Natural Skincare.  I will be looking at how to read a skincare label, sharing recipes and talking with some great specialists from the world of Beauty, Ayurveda, Nutrition and more.

So if you simply want to learn more about Natural Skincare then why not join the community by either listening to the Podcast, which is now available via SPOTIFY, APPLE, GOOGLE, ANCHOR and more… or following us on Instagram.