What will YOU detox?

Detoxing – it’s January and everyone is doing it… right?  Mostly when detoxing we think about cleansing our internal bodies especially after Christmas, and if that is what you are interested in doing I would highly recommend one of Julie Clark’s programmes HERE, she has many things on offer.

Last year at Lotus Therapies we focused on detoxing our armpits and I ran a little armpit detox, but this year I want you to look at all the beauty gifts you received for Christmas.  Did you want them? Did you ask for them? Are they the ones you wanted/use?  I know from personal experience that I have received so many products over the years that I simply would never buy myself or choose to use.  Then I feel guilty about not using them, but why should I use these mostly toxic chemical ridden products simply out of guilt.  It feels like throwing food/money away.  So firstly, try to encourage those people who buy these sorts of gifts for you to actually buy you the products you use or want to use.  This can be done in a tactful way of course!

Next on your list, take a trip to your local charity shop and gift the products to them and or your kid’s next school fair.

Now take a look at your bathroom cabinet and get brutal – how many opened products do you have that have been sitting there for months not being used – did you even realise they have a shelf life?  Some products will have a Best Before End date just like food and others will have an Open Tin symbol indicating that once opened the product should be used within 6/12/18 months for example. So, throw these ones away – just like food these dates are there for a reason and the product could be growing all manner of nasties!

My latest brand of products, Ollogii, are all about cutting down the amount of ingredients used, thus helping the environmental impact with my raw material deliveries,. Alongside this I have been thinking about how I can make my products multi-purpose.  Although called an Anti-ageing Facial Oil, this oil is great on scars, cuticles and even hair/beards so why not give that a go. Our first cream called Face2Feet cream is exactly that! It can be used as a face cream, hand, foot and body cream.  Combining these products creates the perfect skincare regime, many customers use Face2Feet as a day cream and then add 1 or 2 drops of Facial Oil at night to enrich it further for night use.

Next, take a good look at your make-up bag, I recently went through my bag and found products from when I got married 14 years ago!  Mainly this is because I don’t regularly wear make-up.  Is there anything lurking in there that you just don’t use any more or don’t need to use – any products that can be multi-purposed?

In much the same way that some of us choose to declutter and detox our lives, our bathroom cabinets and make-up bags are a window into our souls and zeitgeists. Focusing our thoughts and finding long lasting, natural products that suit our skin types, is far more beneficial than storing a load of bottles in a sad cupboard in our bathrooms.

Take the leap and free your skin and your soul.