Pilates – 1:1 sessions are available at £30.00 for an hour and can be split with up to 3 people, all other Pilates classes are payable termly at £7.50 per class.

It’s Gentle…

Many of the exercises are performed in a reclined or sitting position, and are low impact and partially weight-bearing.  Pilates is a very safe, and is used frequently in Physiotherapy to rehabilitate after injury.

But its also challenging…

Pilates and yoga

Pilates is very flexible exercise system offering many modifications to cater for a wide range of abilities from beginners to advanced. Caroline’s classes are mat based with the inclusion of small equipment to aid in any modifications such as small balls and bands.  Get the workout that best suits you now, and increase the intensity as you improve.

Pilates is an exercise system created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s, it incorporates elements of Yoga, Martial Arts and western forms of exercise. Originally adopted by professional dancers, it has now grown in popularity around the world. Caroline’s classes are small and friendly enabling her to get to know each person individually and cater for their individual needs.

Benefits of Pilates?

  • Increases Flexibility
  • Aids Relaxation
  • Increases Body/Mind Connection
  • Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • Strengthens Abdominal & Back Muscles

Pilates is great for developing core strength, which in turn can help with many back problems caused by bad posture.

Who should do Pilates?

Men and women of all ages, it can be particularly beneficial after having a baby.

Class Timetable

Gentle YogaTuesday 6pmTLC John Wilson Estate
Pilates For AllTuesday 7.30pmRough Common
Pause WellbeingWednesday 10.30amTesco Whitstable
Pause WellbeingThursday 6.15pmTesco Whitstable
YogaThursday 7.30pmTesco Whitstable
Pilates For AllFriday 9.30amTesco Whitstable