Neroli & Ylang Ylang Award Winning Natural Deodorant - Starter Kit
Neroli & Ylang Ylang Award Winning Natural Deodorant
Neroli & Ylang Ylang Award Winning Natural Deodorant

Love Your Pits Handmade Deodorant Starter Kit - Neroli & Ylang Ylang 50ml

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Love Your Pits……Pits without pitfalls

Firstly, let’s start with the basics…You are supposed to sweat! This is your body’s way of regulating your temperature and releasing toxins. I’m sure you have all experienced a sweaty workout, or those uncomfortable nervous sweats, hoping your deodorant or antiperspirant will keep it at bay. However, the pitfalls of using a chemical-based antiperspirant can range from skin irritation to potential health risks as they contain chemicals designed to clog your pores, resulting in the body being unable to release the sweat required to cool down and release toxins. Deodorants are our ‘go to’ for disguising the odour that our bodies inconveniently produce for us. You may not be aware but sweat is actually just salt and water, the odour is created when sweat comes into contact with the natural bacteria that lives on our skin. Therefore the beauty of using a natural deodorant is that this reaction can easily be changed using natural products and not by clogging pores.

As an exponent of using natural products, I decided to create a deodorant that can be used in perfect harmony with our body and one that leaves us confident to face the world.

Welcome to Love Your Pits Neroli & Ylang Ylang

The base for this natural deodorant starts with a maceration of Calendula in Coconut Oil to soothe and nourish the skin. A variety of clays are personally selected and added for their ability to absorb moisture and remove toxins. A small amount of natural Bicarbonate of Soda a wonderful product that aids in the elimination of odours, crucial for keeping us feeling confident. Essential Oils are then added, for their fragrance and individual and unique properties. Neroli is a natural antiseptic and helps kill bacteria, whilst Ylang Ylang apart from smelling beautiful is a great antiseptic.

Deodorants are packaged in a recyclable tin and presented in a natural cloth bag containing a spatula and a little book of wisdom. Please take the time to read this booklet produced by the Breast Cancer Support Charity, as early detection can save lives.

Helpful Points when switching to a natural deodorant

  •  It may take your body a few days to adjust, as deodorants with chemicals and aluminum, create a build-up in your body. When stopped your body will push these chemicals out, which may cause irritation. If possible, it will help if you are able to go au naturelle for a few days before starting your natural deodorant, but don’t worry if you are not able to.
  • We all know about the benefits of exfoliating our faces but not our underarms. A weekly exfoliation will assist in the detoxification and prevention of body odor.
  • Fabrics with natural fibres ie: cotton, hemp and silk are great for keeping us fresh, as polyester and acrylic fabrics trap moisture.
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